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Today we have Ashley, one of my 2020 interns sharing about her current experience as a bride! I have been so excited to have Ashley on board as an intern for the upcoming wedding season, but due to COVID-19 we are not entirely sure when wedding season will begin anymore. In the meantime, I’ve asked some of my interns to put together blog posts. Read on to hear about Ashley’s perspective as a current bride and how she isn’t letting COVID-19 get her down.

Hey fellow brides and couples, Ashley here, aspiring wedding planner and soon to be bride come August! Just when you think things can’t get any more stressful with normal wedding planning, a world pandemic gets thrown in the mix. Some of you have already had to cancel your wedding, or vendors have canceled on you, or some of you are considering canceling your wedding because of the unknown that lies ahead of us. In times like these, when everything seems out of control and the future is so unknown, no one can blame you for questioning your wedding as a whole.

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            People have been asking me since this all started, “are you stressed? Are you going to cancel? Have your vendors canceled?” Of course, it’s a stressful time, it’s a stressful time for everyone. But aren’t there always wrenches thrown in the mix when planning a wedding in a normal life setting? What do you do? Panic? Maybe initially, but remember some things are in your control. You are not helpless and there is hope.

            Many couples have decided to do an elopement instead, and it’s beautiful because they’re doing it because they’re focused on what means the most to them. Tying the knot with the love of their life, being with the one other person this whole day is all about. For some couples, they don’t want to sacrifice having all their family and friends around to witness their special moment, which is also 100% understandable! But it’s also okay to have faith things will fall into place and keep that wedding date you’ve had your sights on for months, maybe years. That is who I choose to be.

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            If you’re in the same boat as me, but are unsure what your next step is, here is what I have to offer. Get a hold of all your vendors, check in with them and see if everything is still on track. If not, check in with other vendors, maybe your second choice that was runner up to your first. Remind yourself why you’re doing all of this to begin with, your future spouse, the love of your life, and your partner in all of this. You are not alone; get their advice and input on what to do next. They haven’t been involved up to this point? Well that changes today honey! The biggest thing to remember is you are not alone and you have the power to be in control if you believe you do.

            This is not the end of the world, this is a setback, and setbacks happen all the time. Figure out what’s most important to you. Don’t need an audience but don’t have a venue anymore? Elope. Want all your friends and family to witness your big day? Postpone or ride it out. Look at your wedding inspirations, your engagement photos, whatever you need to do to remind you of what this long process is going to result in and grab the bull by the horns and make it happen.

Love, Ashley

Photo by Bailey Nelson Photography

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